The dowry system in India, where a bride’s family is expected to provide a substantial amount of gifts and money to the groom’s family during a wedding, is a deeply ingrained cultural practice that has been the source of much harm and discrimination against women.

However, there are steps that can be taken to combat this harmful tradition and create a more equal society.

How To Stop Dowry System In India?

1. Education:

The first step in stopping the dowry system is to educate people about its harmful effects.

Many people may not realize the extent to which the dowry system perpetuates gender inequality and puts women at risk of abuse and violence.

By educating people about the negative consequences of the dowry system, we can help to change attitudes and create a more informed and aware society.

2. Legal action:

The Indian government has taken steps to combat the dowry system through laws such as the Dowry Prohibition Act of 1961, which makes it illegal to demand or give dowry.

However, enforcement of these laws is often weak, and many dowry-related crimes go unpunished. It is important to strengthen the enforcement of these laws and ensure that those who break them are held accountable.

3. Social activism:

Civil society organizations play a crucial role in raising awareness about the dowry system and advocating for change.

Activists can work to empower women and girls by providing them with information and resources to help them resist dowry demands, and by lobbying for stronger laws and policies to protect them.

4. Encourage Women’s empowerment:

Dowry system is a reflection of women’s inferior status in the society.

Therefore, empowering women financially, socially and politically can help to reduce the demand for dowry. This can be achieved through various ways such as providing education, vocational training and job opportunities.

5. Changing the mindset:

Dowry system is a social evil which is deeply rooted in the minds of people.

It’s not just a legal issue but a social issue. The change in mindset is important to solve the problem at its root.


It is important to remember that change will not happen overnight, and that it will take a concerted effort from individuals, organizations, and government to stop the dowry system.

However, by working together, we can create a more equal and just society for all.