Our Appeal

The aim of this Dowry Calculator is not to boast Dowry as a birthright of Indian Male. At the same time, we don’t want to preach here to marry without Dowry.

All we want to highlight there is 8,000 recorded dowry-related death every year in India. Nearly 60% of registered domestic violence cases registered are Dowry related. Nearly one million abortions happened in India during the late 80’s just because middle-class families are dead scared about giving dowry. All these even after Dowry is Prohibited by Law in 1961.

Like any middle-class Indian, I too have high aspirations in life and I feel ashamed when someone comments that I do all this to get better Dowry.

Believe us girls even we don’t want somebody to auction us and set a price for educational, professional qualifications, height & skin color. But like you we are also helpless. We also feel that there is no reasonable solution exists to tackle this social stigma. So just enjoy the calculator !! Read about Anti-Dowry here.

Sounds like a hypocrite ?? Maybe Yes. Maybe No.