What is Dowry? It’s the property gifted to the Groom along with the Bride at the time of marriage. Practically speaking it’s the minimum of what the Brides family can afford and what the Groom’s family can operate. There will be few exceptions to the second case but law averages will take care.

For computation, purpose dowry is considered as a function of the social status of the Groom / Bride, Career Stability, Availability of profiles similar to his/her, and the availability of the partner preference profile.

Social Status Index Religion, Caste, Location, and Property Share will determine this Index.

Career Stability Index Age, Occupation, Salary, Course / College Studied will determine this factor.

Profile Availability Index Age, height, Color, Body Style & Hair Style relative to similar Social Status Index & Career Stability Index will determine this Index.

Partner Preference Index All partner preferences compared to prospects’ profile details will determine this index.

Dowry Calculator = Base Amount because of Social Status + [f(Salary) * Velocity provided by Career Stability] + [f(Social Status) * Acceleration / Deaccelaration provided by Profile Availability & Partner Preference Availability] * [Avg time for suitable profile match] ^ 2